May 2, 2016: Arrests and Drug Seizure Statistics

This year the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office’s STOP (Sheriff’s Tactical Operations Patrol) Team has worked very hard at interrupting drug trafficking in Kanawha County.  Since January 1, 2016 they’ve removed $593,401 in drugs and $111,639 cash from the drug trade, making 61 arrests in just four months.  

Sometimes these cases are better worked quietly, without publicity.  One arrest can sometimes lead to another and another until a major supplier can be identified and arrested.  So while we cannot always discuss the particulars of each case, we are very proud of the work they’ve done.  Below are some of the statistics from January 1 – April 30 2016.

US currency seized:  $111,639.00

Vehicles seized:  2

Drug arrests:  61 (includes felon, misdemeanor and Federal prosecution)

Firearms seized from drug investigations: 16

Controlled substances                         Quantity              Street Value

Heroin                                               779.97 Grams           $155,995.00

Crystal methamphetamine                   2,118.09 grams         $423,618.00       

Marijuana                                          925 grams                 $9,250.00

Crack cocaine                                     8.5 grams                 $1,700.00

Oxycodone pills                                  83 pills                      $2,510.00

Hydrocodone pills                               3 pills                        $30.00

Oxymorphone pills                              2 pills                        $90.00

Alprazolam pills                                  21 pills                      $84.00

Suboxone                                           20 dosage units         $100.00

Klonepin pills                                      5 ½ pills                   $25.00


Total “Street Level Value”                                                   $593,401.00

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