May 8, 2016: Operation GPA Update

This twelfth year of Operation GPA is seeing continued results for the combined efforts of those involved.  Each high school has had its prom and there have been no fatalities.  Since the program began in 2005 there have been no fatalities after proms and graduation ceremonies for Kanawha County high school students.  For seven years in a row before 2005 there was at least one fatality involving those celebrating.
The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office is happy to play a role in this program.  Deputy Sheriffs and municipal officers patrol the events, and the communities after proms and graduations.  Metro 911 monitors calls and coordinates responses to trouble spots.  But we couldn’t see success without the help of the schools.  
Principals, teachers, organizers, and administrators all work together to see students have a fun time while being safe.  
Parents diligently teach their students and are the most influential role models in their kids’ lives.  What they say and do has a tremendous impact on their behavior when they’re celebrating big events in life.  We are grateful for all the efforts they’ve made.
And we are thankful for the students themselves.  We congratulate them on their achievements and wish them the best in their lives to come.  We are glad they made wise decisions to be responsible.
It is our hope the graduation ceremonies will see similar results in the coming weeks.


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