April 4, 2017: Pedestrians on Tracks Killed by Train

This morning just after 5:30 a.m. two pedestrians were struck and killed by a train.  The two were walking on a train trestle above the Coal River at the Saint Albans City limit when they were struck. 


A separate train had passed through the area moments before and saw the two walking along a parallel set of tracks.  The conductor, knowing another train was traveling toward them on that parallel track alerted the conductor of the other train, who then began slowing his train.  When that conductor saw the pedestrians they were on the trestle.


The two were an adult male and adult female.  Deputies are working to identify the two.  After they are identified and their families notified of their deaths the names can be released to the public.  CSX officials are assisting with the investigation, as are investigators with the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner of West Virginia. 


We are not currently publicizing theories about why they were walking on the railroad tracks, or if either was impaired or otherwise distracted.


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