June 16, 2017: NARCAN Revives Two

On Thursday June 15, 2017, around 4:29 pm, Lieutenant J. S. Elkins, and Deputies T. J. Cumberledge & M. D. Dickerson were dispatched to the Motel 6 in Cross Lanes, WV.  A call to Metro 911 indicated two men were unresponsive and may have overdosed on a drug.  When Deputies arrived they found two adult males with weak pulses and shallow breathing sitting in a car.  

Several attempts were made to awaken or revive them with sternum rubs and other measures.  Unable to wake the men Lieutenant Elkins and Deputy Cumberledge retrieved their NARCAN kits.  After initial administration of the NARCAN, two KCEAA medic units arrived, as did a medic supervisor.  The ambulances transported the men for treatment.  

Before being transported one of the men admitted they had injected heroin prior to passing out.  Two hypodermic needles were located in the car.


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