July 5, 2017: Shooting near Sissonville

At 2:43 a.m. Metro 911 received reports of a shooting at a party near a gas well in the Sissonville area of Kanawha County.  In the initial confusion multiple people were reported shot, and there were multiple shooters.  However, only one person is believed to have been shot.  That female was shot in the arm and was taken to a local hospital for treatment.


The shooting occurred near a gas well near Second Creek Road off Derrick’s Creek Road.  The location is a frequent destination for party-goers.  It was during an overnight party the shooting took place. 


Several people were detained in an early search for the suspect(s), but no one was arrested in connection with the shooting.  One man was arrested at the scene for obstructing an officer, but his arrest was not related to the violence.


Investigators are now evaluating the evidence and conducting interviews.  There are leads in the case which are being followed.  At this time no names of victims or persons of interest are being released.


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