July 27, 2017: Scam Creates Victims

Today a couple were scammed out of $5,000.00 when a scammer, pretending to be a family member who’d been arrested.  The name of the relative was real.  The victims were told their family member was in jail out of state and needed help. 


The suspect blamed the difference in voice on injuries from a car wreck.  The scammer asked for gift cards to be bought and the numbers read to him over the phone.


No police agency is going to ask for money over the phone.  Before giving any money, account numbers, or gift card numbers please call your family members to see if someone is truly in trouble.  Also, you can find a legitimate number for the police agency the call is supposedly coming from and dial it on your own.  Ask actual employees to verify any information you’re given.  And when in doubt, please call our office or your local law enforcement agency.


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