Adjustment to Journalist Inquiries

I’m still in Vegas avoiding vices and will be back to town next week.  Originally I referred everyone to Sgt. Snuffer for major crime updates.  He may or may not be your best point of contact for that.
He didn’t tell me last week when we discussed things, but he’s in a class himself this week.  He may be on a major scene in the evenings, but most days and most cases won’t take him out of the class.
Please meet with someone on scene of a major crime (hopefully we won’t have any!) and politely request they update you as they’re able.  
While we strive as an agency to be responsive and helpful to journalists, this week may be an exception to the rule.  Those working the case will rightly need to devote their time and efforts to rendering aid, solving a case, and protecting the public and may not be able to update the press as quickly as we can when dedicated personnel are responsible for the task.
I appreciate your understanding on this.


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