April 26, 2016: Warrant Sweep Yesterday 

Yesterday, April 25, 2016, the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office conducted a warrant sweep.  Eighteen people were arrested, clearing twenty warrants.  The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office regularly conducts warrant sweeps, sometimes specifically focusing on family court capiases or domestic violence.  This sweep was more broad and arrests were made for violent crimes, thefts, and many other […]

April 20, 2016: Arrest in Overnight Robbery 

On Tuesday, April 19, 2016, at around 10:45 p.m. a robbery was reported to Metro 911 at 301 West Main Street, near Saint Albans, WV.  The clerk at that 7-Eleven store said a masked man entered, fired at least one shot from a pistol, then demanded money.  He left the store with less than $100 […]

April 20, 2016: Arrest in Shooting Investigation 

On April 19, 2016 detectives with the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office, after consulting with the Office of the Prosecutor of Kanawha County, obtained warrants for malicious wounding and wanton endangerment for John Leroy Hudson (56 of Lacy Hollow, Charleston, WV) and Tommy Ray Mullins (37 of Rand, WV) for possession of a stolen vehicle.  The […]

April 18, 2016: Shooting on Route 114 

This morning (April 18, 2016) at approximately 9:20 a.m. a 911 call was placed reporting the theft of a side-by-side ATV from Ocean Drive, along Dutch Ridge Road.  Deputy J. Burdette was assigned the call, and was on his way to that location to investigate when a crash was reported at 9:41 a.m. on Route […]

April 14, 2016: DUI Checkpoint Saturday 


April 13, 2016: Press Conference Friday on Operation GPA 

On Friday, April 15, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. we will hold a press conference at Metro 911.  Their building is located at 200 Peyton Way, Charleston, near Southridge Center on Corridor G.  The speakers will announce plans for this year’s Operation:  GPA (Graduate Prom Alive).   Representatives from Kanawha County Schools, Metro 911, the Kanawha […]

April 8, 2016: Missing Person Sought 

Relatives of Ryan Mitchell Strickland, 33 years old of Mammoth, last saw him in December 2015.  They reported him missing since then, and there is evidence he’s been staying in the Ashland, KY area until earlier this month (April 2016).  Detectives with the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office have been in the Ashland area searching for […]

April 8, 2016: Driver Identified in Hernshaw Fatality 

Late yesterday, April 7, 2016, detectives received information that led them to the identity of the driver involved in the hit and run in Hernshaw.  The family of an 80 year old woman from Boone County called from out of state.  They explained the woman suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and she may have been involved. […]

April 7, 2016: Pedestrian Struck and Killed in Hernshaw 

Last night around 10:50 p.m. a pedestrian on Lens Creek Road was struck by a south-bound vehicle.  That vehicle fled the scene toward Boone County.  Another car then struck him while he was on the ground in the road.  The driver of the second vehicle pulled over to see what happened and called 911. Deputies […]

Match 19, 2016: Names from Yesterday’s Shooting 

The name of the shooter in yesterday’s incident on Everest Circle is Travis R. Wilson, 40 years old of Saint Albans.  The person shot is Seth Hardwick, 29 years old from Saint Albans.  He is still in the hospital, but no more specific update on his condition is available.   No decisions have been reached […]