October 23, 2015: Phone Scam in Kanawha County

The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office has received multiple reports of a scam in the area yesterday.  Suspects are calling residents and pretending to be Deputy Sheriffs.  They threaten to arrest the person who answers the phone, telling them they missed jury duty or failed to register at the polls.  The suspects then try to coerce the resident into electronically sending money by purchasing a money-order or pre-paid card.

We urge people to document the caller’s information and report it to us at 304-357-0169.  Do not send money to these callers.

Under no circumstances will a Deputy Sheriff demand payment of fines electronically.  While a Deputy Sheriff may call to inform someone a warrant is active for their arrest, they will encourage that person to drive to Kanawha County Magistrate Court to address the matter.  

Sgt. B. D. Humphreys

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