October 28, 2015: Deputies and Medics Assist Addict

On October 21, 2015 Deputy J. A. Smith of the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office went to an address in Cross Lanes, WV.  He was dispatched by the operators at Metro 911.  The caller dialed 911 and said he needed help and asked for them to dispatch law enforcement.   He did not answer repeated calls from the operators.


When Deputy Smith arrived an adult male exited a residence, placed his hands on a wall, and said he needed help.  The man, in his mid-thirties, admitted he was a heavy drug user, but had watched the President’s speech earlier in the day about drug abuse.  He said he wanted to live a drug-free life for his mother. 


He showed Deputy Smith and Lieutenant J. S. Elkins a cooler of drugs.  Inside were digital scales, sixteen suboxone packs and patches, marijuana, nineteen grams of ecstasy, and 158 pain pills.  They seized the items and later submitted the cooler and contents to our evidence technician for safekeeping and eventual disposal. 


A crew from the Kanawha County Emergency Ambulance Authority then transported the man to a treatment center where he voluntarily entered a drug-addiction rehabilitation program.  The man’s identity, address, and other pieces of information normally released are being withheld.  Attached is a photograph of the seized drug items.


No criminal charges were filed in connection with this matter, and none will be filed.  We applaud this person’s self-initiated efforts and wish him well in his recovery.


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