February 9, 2016: Texting Scam

Yesterday and today the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office has received notice of a texting scam affecting people in Kanawha County.  Victims report receiving a text from a number that appears to be from their cell phone service provider.  It says there’s a security issue with that person’s account or address, and instructs someone to click a link.  They’re then asked to provide security codes for a credit card, and their social security number.


That personal information is then used to lock the cell phone and the accounts, making it difficult and slow for the victim to prove they’re the owner of the accounts.  Meanwhile, credit card charges are made, and other damage is done to the victim’s finances.


Do not assume a text message is legitimate.  Always return calls and emails through phone numbers and addresses your company lists on their website and on bills.

Our detectives are working hard on these cases with federal partners.  If you’ve been the victim of this scam, or have information about the suspects, please call us at 304-357-0169.

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