October 8, 2016: Phone Scam…Again

We are experiencing another round of the phone call scam where callers pretend to be Deputy Sheriffs and demand payment of fines.  They threaten those they call with arrest if they don’t obtain gift cards or prepaid credit cards for various amounts.
Deputies will never demand payment over the phone.  Law enforcement Deputies will never accept payment of fines or taxes, by phone or otherwise.  Any fines from actual criminal charges will be paid in Magistrate Court.  And any warrants issued in Kanawha County must be addressed in person.
If there is a warrant for someone’s arrest a Deputy may call to advise the wanted person to go to Magistrate Court to be arraigned for the offense or meet them to be arrested.  But no fines are ever discussed in these calls and no transactions are handled by our calls.  
If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be a Deputy you may call our 24-hour number, 304-357-0169, to confirm the identity of the Deputy, be transferred to speak with him/her, and verify the information given.
And please call the same number if you have information about the identity of those behind these scams.


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