September 10, 2017: Missing Juveniles from Browns Creek Road Area

During the evening of September 9, 2017, just prior to midnight, Tamara D. Fields (17 year old female) and Caleb L. Haynes (16 year old male) were last seen together at the intersection of Browns Creek Road and Dukefield Drive in the Saint Albans area.  According to the available information, the juveniles appear to have ran away together to an unknown location on foot.  As of the writing of this e-mail, both juveniles have been missing for approximately 13 hours. 


Tamara D. Fields is a white female with green/blue eyes and brown shoulder length hair that is usually in a bun.  She was last seen wearing a purple t-shirt, purple sweatpants with “BABE” written down one leg, and black house shoes.


Caleb L. Haynes is a white male with hazel eyes and brown hair with the sides cut close, and the top being longer.  He was last seen wearing black basketball style shorts, no shirt, and white Vans tennis shoes.


According to both sets of parents/guardians, both children appear to be older than they actually are, did not have access to a vehicle at either of their residences. 


Both juveniles have been entered into N.C.I.C. through Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office.




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