October 10, 2017: Update to Shooting in Marmet

On October 9, 2017 at 8:12 p.m. a 911 call was placed reporting a disturbance on Ohio Avenue in Marmet, WV.  While Marmet PD officers were responding the disturbance, which involved the brandishing of firearms, turned into a shooting.  Two people were reportedly shot.  A third person was found shot after first responders arrived.


Marmet Police arrived and began securing the scene and assisting those treating the wounded.  Kanawha County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived to assist as did Troopers with the WVSP.  As the investigation began evidence was located and witnesses identified.  Throughout the night witnesses were interviewed and their statements were compared to the evidence. 


The investigation is continuing, but preliminarily it appears Tony Lyttle (52 years old of Marmet, WV) and William Atkinson, III (20 years old of Marmet, WV) were arguing with Nathan Teel (41 years old of Marmet, WV).  They were arguing about the right-of-way and parking around their residences.  The disturbance took place in the yard between the houses.  At some point a shotgun was fired at Mr. Teel and Mr. Teel shot a pistol at Mr. Lyttle and Mr. Atkinson.  Investigators are still working to determine who shot first, and what was said and done leading up to the shots being fired.


Mr. Teel shot both Mr. Lyttle and Mr. Atkinson.  He then ran to another location in the yard and shot himself in the head.  All three were taken to an area hospital for treatment where they remain.  More specific descriptions of their medical conditions are not available.


Marmet Police Lieutenant Charles Buttrick is leading the investigation.  The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office and WV State Police are assisting with witness interviews and evidence collection and examination.  Additional inquiries should be made to Lt. Buttrick through the Marmet Police Department.  Journalists may email questions to him, as well.  His email address is mpdchuck@gmail.com.  


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