October 13, 2017: STOP Team Arrests Two on Search Warrant

On the morning of October 13, 2017 a search warrant was executed by Kanawha County Sheriff’s Deputies working on an illegal drug investigation.  The warrant was for a residence on Mink Lane in Crede, WV.  During the search they located approximately $2,400 cash, a baggie of 30 mg Oxycontin pills, several pounds of marijuana, and 20.3 grams of fentanyl.  The evidence is still being processed and precise numbers were not available at the time of this release.  Two firearms were also found, one pistol and one sub-machine gun.  The firearm has not yet been examined or tested to determine if it was fully-automatic or not.


Arrested during the search warrant were Jose Miguel Myers, 20 years old of Charleston, WV.  He was charged with possession with intent to deliver, a new charge as a result of the search warrant findings.  Also arrested on a previous warrant for wanton endangerment was Daniel E. Lymon 24 years old of Charleston, WV.


The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office is always working numerous drug investigations throughout Kanawha County.  Individual Deputy Sheriffs work cases as they’re able on patrol or other assignments, others work within a specific drug unit with our Detective Bureau, and still others are assigned to regional task forces.  We take very seriously the illegal possession and distribution of drugs in our community, both because of the health risks of addiction to individuals and the communal side-effect of property and violent crimes that are directly related to drug trafficking.


Anyone with information on the illegal drug trade in our area can call 304-357-0169, email tips@kanawhasheriff.us, or submit anonymous information through our website at www.kanawhasheriff.us.


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