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Deputy Sheriff Positions

Those interested in a position as a Deputy Sheriff must first submit an application (download the application using the link below) and submit it at the Kanawha County Clerk’s Office at 409 Virginia Street East, Charleston WV 25301.  When a test is scheduled by the Kanawha County Civil Service Commission everyone who submitted an application will be notified by certified mail of the testing date and location.

A physical fitness and written test will be conducted that day.  Those that pass both will be added to a list of eligible candidates for hire.  Those candidates must pass a background investigation, psychiatric examination, medical examination, and interviews.

After one is hired as a Deputy Sheriff they must attend 16 weeks of training at the West Virginia State Police Academy, then complete a Field Training Officer program with trainers on Road Patrol.

Please click the other links for more information on the hiring process.

Pre-Employment Links for Potential Deputies:

1.  Hiring Brochure

2.  Physical Qualifications

3.  Initial Application


During the hiring process you may be asked to complete these forms by an investigator.  It is not necessary to complete them when applying.  They are provided on this site for the convenience of those who have passed the initial physical and written tests, and are undergoing background investigations:

4.  Background Investigation Questionnaire

5.  West Virginia State Police Release of Liability


Civilian Employee Positions

The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office has civilian employees who assist in all its divisions.  If you are interested in helping fulfill our mission as a civilian employee, please download and complete the following application, and submit it to:  301 Virginia Street East, Charleston WV 25301.

6.  Civilian Employment Application

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