Project Lifesaver

Project Lifesaver is a program that assists families and caregivers of individuals with Alzheimer’s, Austism, Traumatic Brain Injuries, and other related disabilities.  Individuals with these disabilities tend to wander away and become confused or lost.

Project Lifesaver gives caregivers peace of mind, reassurance, saves time, manpower, money, and most of all, lives.

Over 47,000 people in West Virginia have Alzheimer’s disease.  Sixty percent of those 47,000 will develop the tendency to wander, and 72% of those who wander will do so repeatedly.  The survival rate of a person that has been missing for more than 24 hours decreases by 50%.

  • Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office Project Lifesaver started in April 2008
  • Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office Project Lifesaver has trained/certified law enforcement officers and civilians
  • Cost for Project Lifesaver is a monthly battery fee
  • Project Lifesaver relies on donations and grants
  • Bracelets and battery cost can be donated


The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office will meet with family members who are concerned about a loved one.  That person can be set up with a bracelet that emits a radio frequency.  If they are lost or wander away from their home members of the department can use special equipment to locate the signal, and safely return the loved one to their family.  The cost to a family is minimal, and is only enough to cover battery replacements while on the program.

To sign up a loved one or learn more about the program, please contact the following:

Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office

Project Lifesaver

301 Virginia Street, East

Charleston, WV 25301


To learn more about the Project Lifesaver organization, please visit Project Lifesaver International.

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