Kid Print

The Kid Print program gives parents a simple way to keep their children’s fingerprints should they ever be needed in an emergency.  If a child is missing a record of their fingerprints may help rescuers find their trail.  In less than five minutes a child’s fingerprints can be placed on a card with a no-mess ink.

The program is completely private, and no record of fingerprints will be kept by anyone other than the parent or guardian with the child.  The prints are placed on a booklet that has spaces for parents to write in the child’s name, nicknames, physical description, address, phone numbers, and other fields, and attach a photograph.  When a parent is faced with the stress of finding a lost child it may be helpful to have all the information written down and ready to share without delay.

Please call 304-357-0216 to ask about scheduling a deputy to conduct a Kid Print for your event.

We also encourage parents with smart phones to download and use the FBI Child ID app.  It allows parents to save much of the same information on their phone.  If needed the info can be shared through email with anyone the parent has enlisted to help find their child.  The app also has helpful tips for parents with missing children, and links to more resources.

You can view the Kid Print Card by clicking the link below:

Kid Print Card

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