Bike Rodeos

The safety of children is paramount to all of us.  With fewer safe places to ride bicycles, and danger ever present on the roadways, it is important to teach children safe ways to handle their bikes.  The Bicycle Safety Rodeo passes along simple, but effective techniques to bicycle riding kids.

The skills taught include:  circling and changing lanes, short turn radius, straight line control, slow speed control, emergency stopping, traffic control signs, and rules of the road.  After completing the course each kid receives a laminated bicycle license to keep.

This event requires an open parking lot or paved surface of sufficient space to set up the various stations.  The area must be available early as setup may require two or three hours.  Also, access to an outlet for a power-strip is necessary.  If you would like to discuss scheduling a Bicycle Safety Rodeo you may call 304-357-0216.

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