Information Technology

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The IT Section of Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office enables the Deputy Sheriff’s and staff to store and search databases of information from previous cases, traffic stops, and court actions to further investigations.  The records management systems are updated with new data daily.  Kanawha County hosts digital records for several other sheriff’s offices around the state of West Virginia, and many municipalities within Kanawha County.

The IT Section manages the connections to the FBI’s databases as well as connecting Deputies to the National Crime Information Center and fingerprint records.  Most information can be searched from any Deputy’s mobile data terminal (MDT), a laptop docked in a patrol cruiser, through a secure, wireless connection.  Connections are also maintained through our server rooms for most municipalities and county police agencies in Kanawha County.  Altogether, there are approximately 120 such devices and 13 servers for which IT is responsible.

In addition, the IT staff helps keep phone lines, video feeds, and alarms working properly.  Closed circuit monitoring of all courthouse buildings are monitored by the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office Communications staff.  They also support two license plate reader (LPR) equipped vehicles and the devices’ data in a stand-alone server.

Increasingly, law enforcement officers and government representatives need more information, and they need it faster.  Decisions that must be made quickly can be better made when more facts are known.  Our IT Section is devoted to funneling information accurately, securely, and quickly to field units and supervisors.

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