Legal Process

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Legal Process

Our Legal Process Division is comprised of twelve employees, including two Writ Deputies, six Process Deputies, two administrative assistants, and a chief deputy.

The duties of the Legal Process Division are to serve civil and criminal notices from the courts, including federal, circuit, magistrate, family, and the prosecuting attorney’s office.  These notices include the following:

    • summons
    • notices
    • subpoenas
    • wrongful occupation
    • unlawful detainer
    • orders of possession (evictions)
    • writs of execution
    • and over 100 other types


In 2012, the Legal Process Division served 21,500 papers.  The most commonly served papers are summons and subpoenas.

Legal Process Deputies are equipped with unmarked four-wheel drive vehicles, Tasers, and are issued firearms. All receive formal training with other members of the Sheriff’s Office.

Legal Process Division

#5 Goshorn St

Charleston, WV 25301


Hours: M-F 8:00am – 4:00pm





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