About Statements:

▪   When are the statements sent? All statements are mailed July 15th.

▪   When are my taxes due? To avoid interest charges pay the 1st half before October 1st and the 2nd half by April 1.

▪   Why is a previously owned vehicle appearing on my tax statement? Personal property taxes run a year behind. For example, 2014 taxes would include property you owned July 1, 2013. If your statement is incorrect, please call the Assessor’s Office at 357-0250.

▪   Where is my account number located on my statement? The account number is located in the top right hand corner in small writing.

▪   I didn’t receive my tax statement. How do I get another copy? Call us at 357-0210.

▪   I lost/did not receive my statement. How can I find how much I owe? Either call our office at 357-0210 or you may look your taxes up online by clicking on the ‘Tax Inquiry‘ link.

▪   Where can I find what my taxes were applied to? This information is located on your statement, on the right hand side about halfway down the page.


▪   What do I need in order to receive my sticker at the courthouse? You will need the three part renewal form, insurance card, and your tax receipt.

▪   What if I didn’t receive a renewal form? You will need to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

▪   Do you do two year stickers? No, we only do one year renewals for class A.

▪   Why is there an extra $1 fee? This is a handling fee.


▪   Can I pay by phone? Yes, you may pay with your credit or debit card by calling our office during normal business hours at 304-357-0210. Please have your eight digit account number and your credit/debit card ready.

▪   Do you take credit cards? Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Credit card payments are not accepted for DMV renewals, which require cash or checks only.

▪   Can I mail in my payment? Yes, the address is: 409 Virginia St E, Room 120; Charleston, WV 25301 (Please write the account number from your statement on the memo line of your check.)

▪   Will I receive a receipt if I mail in a payment? Yes, the receipt will be mailed to the address on the statement.


▪   How do I apply for Homestead Exemption? If you are age 64 or older, or 100% disabled, contact the Assessor’s Office at 357-0266.

Who do I contact for an address change? You will need to call the Assessor’s Office at 357-0250.

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