Day Report

The Kanawha Day Report Center (KDRC) opened on July 1, 2005, as a drug free alternative sentencing program to assist clients in making real progress in their lives and to assist clients in obtaining the needed skills to function properly in a main-stream society, while under close supervision.

The Kanawha Day Report Center pursues a zero tolerance policy for clients who violate the law and/or program rules and regulations.

The Kanawha Day Report Center is utilized by Kanawha County Circuit Court, Kanawha County Magistrate Court, Family Court, and by the West Virginia Department of Corrections’ Parole Division.

The Kanawha Day Report Center

  • saved $3,214,029 in Jail Costs in 2016
  • averaged supervising 183 clients per month in 2016
  • 106 clients graduated in 2016

Since opening on July 1, 2005, nearly 1,000 clients have graduated from their Individualized Programming.  Of these graduates, only a few have committed new crimes for a recidivism rate less than 13%.

While on the program, participants are often involved assisting with Kanawha County cleanups, cleaning roadways, mowing grass at county facilities, working at the Kanawha/Charleston Humane Association animal shelter, and assisting at senior centers.  The volunteer work saves Kanawha County and other organizations thousands of dollars each year.

The following Programming/Classes are provided to the clients:  Preparing for the Work Place, Life Skills, Mentoring, A.A. (Alcoholics Anonymous), N.A. (Narcotics Anonymous), Anger Management, Cognitive Skills, Substance Abuse Group, Wisdom of the 12 Step Program, Maintenance Relapse Group, R.E.B.T. (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy), Substance Abuse II, Issues in Recovery, Becoming a 24/7 Dad, Relapse Prevention, Individual Counseling, Community Service, and Early Recovery.

The KDRC has partnered with Garnet Career Center for G.E.D. classes, which are taught at the Center.  K.I.S.R.A. (Kanawha Institute for Social Research & Action) comes to the Center and teaches Preparing for the Work Place, Becoming a 24/7 Dad, and Mentoring.  They will soon be teaching a 40 hour Domestic Violence 101 class.  A.A. meets at the Center Monday through Friday at noon.  It is the only program at the center that is open to the public.  N.A. and other A.A. Meetings are off-site.  Clients convicted of domestic violence crimes are sent to B.I.P.P. (Batterer’s Intervention Prevention Program) which is taught weekly by YWCA instructors at the Judicial Annex, at 111 Court Street, Charleston, WV.

Kanawha Day Report Center

900 Christopher Street

Charleston, WV, 25301




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