Fiduciary Calculator

When an individual is unable to handle his or her own financial affairs, a conservatorship may be appointed.  Conservatorships are appointed either through the Mental Hygiene Commissioner under authority of the Circuit Court System, or by the County Probate Office.  The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Fiduciary accounts unit provides prudent and quality asset management when the Sheriff is appointed to act in any fiduciary capacity.

The objectives are to maintain consistent procedures and policies, to identify potential financial liabilities and to maximize financial security and cash flow.  The fiduciary accounts department reports directly to the Chief Tax Deputy, Tax Division.  The unit is dedicated and organized in such a way to provide efficient delivery of asset management services including control of receipts and disbursements as well as protect assets as defined in the WV Guardianship and Conservatorship act– WV Code 44A.

Once appointed, this unit will oversee control of all monetary and physical property.  The fiduciary unit has the responsibility to secure, protect, invest and distribute funds that are dedicated to the health and well being of said individual.

Once an order is received, the unit’s role is to secure and protect all financial, personal and real estate assets, and handle the estate compliant with all State, County and Federal laws. Final settlement and distribution of any residual assets will be disbursed according to the last will and testament of the deceased. In the event there is no will recorded, final distribution will be equally distributed to all known and identified heirs in accordance with state law.


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