Information Technology- Tax Division

The Tax Division IT area is responsible for ensuring the continuity of operations of the tax office, its five detachment locations, and Home Confinement.  The IT staff consists of the IT Administrator and one assistant.  They maintain all servers containing the tax records and provide access to the offices of the Assessor and County Clerk.  Service also includes public access to the tax system database via internet search/inquiry.

External network connections are maintained between the tax office and the five detachments located in Chelyan, Cross Lanes, Elkview, Sissonville, and St Albans, allowing for tax deputies working in these offices to collect tax payments and process DMV renewals.  Our internal network is divided between a PC and Citrix based systems.  The IT staff is responsible for maintaining all network environments external and internal.

The staff is also responsible for the office’s records management system, and employee time keeping system.  This includes maintaining server and client software as well as equipment necessary to scan documents for retrieval by the Tax Division Collection Enforcement, Fiduciary, and Accounting areas.

IT service is also extended to the Home Confinement Division wherein the IT staff provide PC assistance and internal network support necessary to maintain the monitoring system utilized by the Home Confinement staff.  The monitoring system itself is maintained by a third party vendor.

In addition to the above, the Tax Division maintains mailroom equipment utilized in generating tax statements and certified mail letters.  The IT staff provides support for this equipment and the associated software utilized in preparing our annual statements and general mailings.

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